SSB:Sample call Letter

common instructions for interview at all SSBs



Date ……………………….

(a)        Tele No

(b)        E-Mail

(c)        Website   :

(d)        Fax No

SCE/SCC/SCS/                /CU






 Dear Candidate, 

1.         We are pleased to inform that you are nominated to attend SSB interview for joining the Indian Military Academy/Officers Training Academy/ National Defence Academy/Naval Academy. Please quote this reference along with your Roll No in all future correspondence.

2.         You are requested to report at Selection Centre __________ or at the Movement Control Office (MCO), Railway Station, ________ at _______ on the dates given at Para 3 below. Our representative will receive you and arrange your conveyance to the Selection Centre.

3.         You are required to report as under :-

Ser No Date of reporting Choice Batches (Regular/Absentee)
(a) Primary choice Regular
(b) Secondary choice Regular
(c) Absentee

4.         For ease of management and better administration of test, it is advised that you avail of the opportunity with the regular batch utilising the primary choice. In exceptional circumstances, you may decide to report for the regular batch on the date given as secondary choice. If circumstantially, due to unavoidable reasons/ commitments, the two dates mentioned in Para 3 (a) & (b) above do not suit your requirement, you may report with the absentee batch.

5.         Our representative wearing an arm band (TOP HALF RED and BOTTOM HALF BLACK with the inscription ‘SSB’) will be present at Movement Control Office (MCO) located at ___________ Railway Station, who will arrange your reception and conveyance to this Centre. In case of difficulty you may contact the Call up Officer or the Duty Officer at the Telephone No. given above.

6.   Testing.    This will last for five days, in two stages excluding the day of arrival. The details are as under:-

(a)  Stage I.    The Stage I testing shall commence at 0630AM on the first day and will

comprise the following:-

(i)         An Intelligence Test.

(ii)        A Picture Perception and Discussion Test.

(b)        In case of your rejection in Stage I, you shall be returned from the Centre by 1 PM that day.

(c)        Stage II.    The Stage II test comprises the following for the next four days:-

(i)         Psychological Test.

(ii)        Group Test I and II for two days (In case of excess no. of Candidates, GTO Test

may be conducted in one day)

(iii)       Interview.

7.         Free boarding and lodging will be provided to you for the period of your stay at the Selection Centre.

8.         Joining instruction for your guidance and compliance are enclosed.

9.         Please bring this letter with you and deposit the same at the Centre on arrival.

10.       You are entitled to get traveling allowance in case you are coming to SSB for the first time for this entry.

11.       Please note that no lunch will be provided by the Selection Centre on the day you report to the Selection Centre.

12.       Medical Examination.

(a)    You should be physically fit and free from ailment or any health problem which may

hamper your performance in the physical test/interview.

(b)      In case you qualify in the Stage-II testing, you shall be required to undergo a Special                 Medical Board (SMB) over the next four to six days. In exceptional and                     unavoidable   circumstances, it may take up to eight days.

(c)        In your own interest you are advised to undergo a preliminary medical check-up for wax

in ears, refractory error of eyes, fungal infections of skin, eosinophilia, knock knee and flat foot   or any other disease before reporting for SSB interview.

Note :-

In case you are found unfit in the SMB, you are eligible for Appeal Medical Board (AMB) within 42 days from the date of approval of the SMB. In case you are found unfit even in the AMB, a final appeal i.e. Review Medical Board (RMB) application has to be submitted within 24 hours of approval of the AMB. Grant of RMB is at the discretion of the Medical Authorities. For AMB candidates are required to prepare a MRO of Rs 40/-. The original MRO receipt is required to be retained by the candidates to be submitted at the time of medical board at the requested Command Hospital. The duplicate copy of MRO along with copy of request for AMB is to be forwarded to Rtg Dte within 7 days.

13.       Candidates will adhere to laid down timings strictly.

14.       Candidate will not visit testing areas after testing hours.

15.       The conduct of the candidates both in the Selection Centre as well as when visiting outside areas should be correct and gentleman like.

16.       Any contravention of above orders or any act of indiscipline will invite immediate cancellation of candidature on disciplinary grounds.

17.       Cases of serious breach of discipline and conduct will be handed over to civil police and FIR registered accordingly.

18.       Candidates are not permitted to use mobile phones during the conduct of tests.

Call up Officer

                                                                                                            For Commandant



1.         Items to Be Brought.            The following items will be required for the interview :-



Quantity Required




a Dark colour trouser and light colour shirt 1 set 1 set* *Suits/Sarees permissible
b Shoes 1 pair 1 Pair
c Neck tie 1 1 Optional
d Winter wear 1 1 Seasonal requirement during winter
e White shorts & T-shirts 1/2 sets For GTO tests
f Track suit 1* 2 set @ * For winters only

@ May wear appropriate Indian dressgSports shoes11Preferably whitehSocks white1/2 pairs1/2 pairs iWriting material (pen (blue/black),pencil, eraser, A4 size white paper (10 Nos)Adequate quantityAdequate quantity kPassport size colour photograph20 copies20 copiesBackground of the photo should be whitelToilet itemsAs requiredAs required mLock and key for safety of personal belongings

2.       Cash and Valuables.       A maximum of Rupees One thousand over and above what is required for travelling expense may be carried. No valuables should be carried. Safe custody of cash and valuables will be the responsibility of the candidate.

3.       Documents. Please bring the following certificates/documents at the time of reporting at this centre and adhere to instructions in regard to documentation given below :-

(i)       Original Matric/Higher Secondary or equivalent certificate along with one    attested copy there of in support of your age. In case you fail to bring these       certificates in ORIGINAL, please note that you WILL NOT be allowed to appear for    SSB interview and NO REIMBURSEMENT of rail/bus fares/reservation-cum-sleeper     charges will be permitted. Please note that statement of Marks in lieu of original   ertificates or any other date of birth certificate is not acceptable.

(ii)      Original/Provisional degree from the University/Institution and marks sheet of           all the years/semesters along with a photocopy of each.

(iii)     Proof of identity with photograph such as voter ID (or ) PAN card (or)           driving license (or) passport (or) UPSC admit card. In case of candidates of    NDA/10+2 TES, they are required to bring certificate with photo issued by principal as proof of identity.

(iv)     In case the result of final year/semester is awaited, then the candidate will submit a certificate from the principal, stating that the result of final year will be      declared by ……………….. all these documents will be verified by selection    centre.( Appx ‘A’ )

(v)      For final year students only– if you are studying in final year of degree       course, then please bring a certificate from the principal of your College/Institution stating that you are in final year of degree course and going to appear the final   examination during………….failing which you will not be interviewed by SSB      (Appx ‘B’).


          (vi)     Candidates who have submitted their certificates and marksheets in      college or institution for pursuing higher studies.                Please bring a bonafide   certificate along with certified true copy of those documents as per specimen attached         at (Appx ‘C’).

(vii)    Risk Certificate Applicable to NDA and TES Candidates.        You will bring Risk           Certificate as per specimen attached as (Appx ‘D’).


(viii)   Original NCC ‘C’ Certificate (Army/Navy/Airforce Wing) with one attested     copy, if competing against reserved vacancies for NCC ‘C’ Certificate holders.

(ix)     Bring certified copy duly authenticated/signed by the competent        authority of          every achievement you have obtained in the field of NCC, Games, sports and other extra curricular activities.

(x)      Candidates declared successful in the SSB interview are required to    submit at the earliest a photocopy duly attested by Class-I Gazetted Officer of all      such provisional degree/degree certificate, acquired after the SSB    interview to : Addl Dte Gen Rtg, IHQ MoD (Army) West Block-III, R K Puram, New Delhi-110066.

(xi)     Candidates are further advised that documents already verified at       Selection          Centre, need not be submitted again to IHQ MoD (Army). In case of loss of such          documents the onus will entirely rest with the        candidate.

(xii)    Photographs – Please bring twenty copies of the latest passport size    photographs, unattested along with the negative in white shirt (not in coat)

4.       Travelling Allowance (TA).

(a)      TA is admissible for the shortest route only.

(b)      AC 3 Tier fare (including reservation-cum-sleeper charges) by main route from

home station to Allahabad/Bangalore/Bhopal and bus fare from home to the nearest

railway station (if not connected by rail) will be paid as per government rates on

production of tickets.

(c)        No re-imbursement of rail/bus fares/ reservation-cum-sleeper charges will be permitted

in the absence of original travel documents.

(d)        You are entitled to TA when you attend the interview for a commission for the first time.

Such allowance is not admissible for second or subsequent attempts for the same type of            commission.

Caution.         You are liable to forfeit travelling allowance if you fail to :-

(a)        Meet the eligibility criteria and educational qualifications as required.

(b)        Produce the original documents as given in the instructions.

(c)        Produce ID proof as mentioned at Para 8 above.

5.         Change of address– change of address, if any, after submission of application will be intimated to Additional Directorate General of Recruiting (Rtg-6), Adjutant General’s Branch, IHQ of MoD Army Headquarters, West Block-III, R.K.Puram, New Delhi-900108, C/o 56 APO and this centre. (Appx ‘E’)

6.         Warning.        A candidate should withhold his move if he is a resident of Bangalore/Bhopal/ Allahabad, his permanent address is Bangalore/Bhopal/Allahabad or has a relative/friend serving in the selection centre or his unit is located in Bangalore/Bhopal/Allahabad (Serving candidates only) and intimate this centre immediately the particulars of the person concerned and await further instructions. Any attempts made by candidates, their relatives or friends to influence the members of Services Selection Board in their favour either verbally or in writing will result in his name being removed from the list of candidates. In all matters of discipline, the Centre Commandant will be the final authority and no appeal against his decision will be entertained.

7.         Compensation.          Government  is not responsible for any compensation to the candidates or to their guardians/heirs for injuries sustained by them during the period of testing. However, facilities exist to attend to the candidates falling sick or sustaining injuries during their stay at the Centre.

8.         Correspondence.      In all correspondence please quote this letter No and date, UPSC Roll No/Name of the Entry/registration number and full postal address. Email + Contact Number.

9.         Service personnel only –      In case you are already serving in the Army/Navy/Air Force, this letter will be put up to your Officer Commanding and your move in connection with this interview will be treated as temporary duty under the provision of TR-192 (f) (ii). As such you will bring return journey railway warrant for your journey. You are required to bring one set of uniform.

10.       For information of Officer Commanding Unit.

(a)        In case the candidate has been posted out of your Unit please forward this letter to his

present unit immediately, under intimation to his Centre.

(b)        Copies of movement order and DO Part II will not be endorsed to this Centre, Separate

movement order will be issued to every individual required to report to this Centre.

(c)        In case the individual cannot present himself for interview, this Centre should be

informed immediately.

(d)        No Arms and Ammunition will be carried by the candidate.

(e)        Please advice the candidate to bring two passport size photographs.

(f)        Candidates will be in possession of free return railway warrant and Identity Card.

(g)        Apprise Selection Centre immediately in case you are at a local unit.

11.       Physical conditioning– Candidates who qualify the SSB interview and medical examination are advised to follow the under mentioned regimen daily in order to keep themselves in good physical condition at the time of reporting at the Academy.-

(a)        Running 2.4 Kms in 15 Minutes

(b)        Sit ups-25

(c)        Push ups-13

(d)        Chin ups (minimum 06)

(e)        Rope Climbing (3 to 4 Meters)

12.       Candidate reporting for their SSB should take care of the following medical points failing which he/she is liable for rejection :-

(a)        Ideal Age, Height and Weight (Male) :- It should be within permissible limits i.e. 10%

            of the ideal weight given in the table. In recording fraction lower than 0.5 Kg will be noted and

0.5Kg, above will be recorded as 1 Kg. a correlation table between age, height and average

weight is given below for guidance of candidates :-

Age Period 15-16 Yrs 16-17 Yrs 17-18 Yrs 18-20 Yrs 20-22 Yrs 22-24 Yrs 24-26 yrs 26-28 Yrs 28-30 Yrs











*           In case candidates belonging to the North East and hilly area like Gorkhas, Nepalese, Assamese and Garhwalis, the height will be relaxed by 5 cms and weight commensurate with reduced heights.

(b)        No wax in the ear.

(c)        No skin disease i.e. Acne vulgaris, warts, fungal infection.

(d)        No dental cavities including temporary filling and minimum 14 dental points.

(e)        No vision defect i.e. vision corrected by glasses.

(f)        No hernia/abdominal operation in past one year.

(g)        No hydrocele, varicocele.

No Claim Certificate

I ……………………………………………………………………………… father/guardian of

………………………………………………………………………… who is a candidate for NDA/ IMA / OTA entry the Army, hereby certify that I fully understand that my son/ daughter/ ward will, if required, attend the Service Selection Board Interview with my full and free consent and at my own risk and that I or my son/daughter/ward shall not be entitled to claim any compensation or other relief from the Government in respect of any injury or disability which my son/daughter/ward may sustain in the course of or as the result of any of the test given to him at the SSB Interview, whether due to his own negligence or the negligence of any other person or otherwise.

Signature of Father/Guardian

Address ………………………………….


Place : …………….                                                  …………………………………………….

Date : ……………..                                                   …………………………………………….

Appendix ‘A’

                                                                                                            (Refers to Para 3 (iv) of

Joining Instructions)



It is certified that _____________________ s/o Shri ______________________ is a bonafide student of __________________________ (School/ College) and is presently studying in ___________________. His final board / semester examination will be / was conducted during ______________ (month and year of exam) and the results are expected to be declared by ___________________________ (month and year of expected date of declaration of exam results).

Place  :                                                                       (Signature of the Principal/Registrar of the

Date    :                                                                       College/University where studying with stamp)


Appendix ‘B’

                                                                                                            (Refers to Para 3 (v) of

Joining Instructions)



It is certified that Mr ________________ is in Pre-Final Year of degree course and is going to appear in the Final Year/Semester Examination during _______ and Final Year results will be declared by ______________ (herein month and year of expected date of declaration of the exam results is to be mentioned, failing which you will not be interviewed by SSB. Mark-sheets of all the semesters (upto IV semester for Pre Final year candidates) are also to be brought along with two attested photocopies).

Place  :                                                                       (Signature of the Principal/Registrar of the

Date    :                                                                       College/University where studying with stamp)

                                                                                                            Appendix ‘C’

                                                                                                            (Refers to Para 3 (vi) of

Joining Instructions)



It is certified that ____________________________ s/o Shri __________________ is a bonafide student of __________________________ (College/University/Institution/School) and is presently studying _________________________ (herein name of course pursuing is to be mentioned). The following certificates and mark-sheets in respect of the above individual have been deposited with this College/University/Institution in original for verification purpose:-



(c)  ………………………….

It is further certified that photostat copies of above documents have been verified by the undersigned and attested.

Place  :                                                           (Signature of the Principal/Registrar of

Date    :                                                           the College/University where studying with stamp)


                                                                                                            Appendix ‘D’

                                                                                                            (Refers to Para 3 (vii) of

Joining Instructions)


I (Name) _________________________ father/guardian of (name of candidate) _______________________ who is a candidate for NDA/TES Regular Commission of the Army, hereby certify that I fully understand that my son/ ward will, if required, attend Service Board with my full and free consent and at my own risk and that I or my son/ ward shall not be entitled to claim any compensation or retest for the same course or any other relief from the Government if my son/ward sustains any injury during the course of /as a result of any of the tests administrated to him at the said Service Selection Board or while using military transport due to any reasons.

Place  :

Date    :                                                                                   (Signature of father / guardian)

Appendix ‘E’

                                                                                                            (Refers to Para 5 of

Joining Instructions)



Roll No                       : ______________________

Name                         : ______________________

Father’s Name          : ______________________

Postal Address         : ______________________




E-mail _________________________________

Mob No ________________________________


The Call Up Officer

Selection Centre East

Allahabad-211 001



1.         Please refer to your Call Up letter bearing No SCE/____________/CU dated _______.

2.         As per your Call Up letter quoted above, I am required to report to your Centre on __________. My correspondence address given in my application for subject course has now been changed. The details are as under :-

Postal Address (as given in the application) :-





New Postal Address (To be changed in the application):-





3.         May I request you to please include my postal address in the application for correspondence.

4.         Thanking you.

Place  :                                                                                               Yours faithfully

Date    :                                                                                               (Signature of the candidate)

Selection Center Central Bhopal

Selection Centre  East     Allahabad

Selection Centre South   Bangalore




12 thoughts on “SSB:Sample call Letter

  1. Hello could u please tell me what this means

    ‘No vision defect i.e. vision corrected by glasses’

    Does this mean that my eye sight should be 6/6 without glasses?

  2. sir i got a text msg…call letter to attend interview…but im not getting the print of the call letter ,..wat to do?????

  3. Thanks so much for updating the necessary info.
    I have to attend a SSB for CDS 2 2011 on Feb 13, 2012 but because of my boss not letting me to take leaves, it seems to be impossible. However the SSb call letter does mention another date i.e for absentee batch.
    Now the problem is they require a proof of , Why was not I able to attend the interview on primary dates. And I could not get such a letter written by my manager.
    Please advise how should I apply for the absentee batch and what needful is required to be done.
    Your reply would be much appreciated.

  4. sir i have cleared cds 2nd exam for IMA and OTA, but i have not got the ssb call letter till now. So what should i do ?

  5. sir
    i qualified for IMA and OTA in CDS-2 held in sep 2011. but i didn’t got the call letter yet. kindly tell me the date of ssb and where can i download the call letter if not recieved yet.
    and plz reply me as soon as possible coz i saw a reply above that the ssb is on 13 feb. is it so?
    kindly reply me on my email id also its–

  6. sir i have cleared cds(2) 2011,OTA,but haven’t received the ssb letter yet…
    i have also gone through the official website of the indian army,bt there is no information over there.kindly guide me in this respect

  7. sir, my name is kasa sowmya sudha, belongs to Andhra Pradesh. I have cleared cds(1) 2012,OTA,but haven’t received the ssb letter so far. My admit card number is 115022. i have also gone through the official website of the indian army,but there is no information over there. kindly guide me in this respect and also send the call up letter to the following my residencial address for which act is kindness, I shall be greatful to you sir.

    Kasa Sowmya Sudha
    23/207, Pavani Classic Apartment,
    Lecturers Colony, Magunta Layout,
    e-mail –

  8. sir ,
    my name s sudhan i igot msg statin that i hav been selected n evn ma name s there on the shortlist tat s been put up for ncc 33 special entry… but i stil din get the call letter nor any mail ….. wat to be done

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